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How To Do Top DPS in WoW
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re: Blood DK


First Name::




Character Name: :


Class: :




Are you willing to commit to Friday Raid nights as early as 9:00 PM EST, and stay the entire raid?: :


Are you willing to show up to non-required Raid nights beginning around 8:00 PM EST?: :


Are you willing to respec for raiding?::


Are you willing to farm gold/materials for Consumables?::


Please describe what you do in raids. If you are a class with a normal dps rotation, list it here.: :

Tank with good awareness with regards to stuff on the ground/agro tables. Research boss fights before starting progression, etc. etc.

Rotation?: :

When main tanking a boss i usually like to get dancing rune weapon+outbreak for double dots for initial threat, then rotate through death strike, death coil, rune tap to gain charges, while using blood boil to keep dots up. use defensive cooldowns as needed. Under 35% hp i rotate soul reaper in rotation for added threat/dmg

Please provide an armory link. If you are logged out in a different set of gear, list your gear specs here.::

Please list your current guild, or any guilds you have been a part of in the past 6 months::

Currently joined a guild to raid, but a week after i joined all the members dissapeared and I havent seen them online for a few months.

Tell us a little about yourself.: :

I work 12 hour shifts sun-tues every other wednesday, so i get a nice amount of days off each week. On my days off i spend a lot of time playing WoW or Counterstrike or Wii. I also enjoy to write, and have a book series I work on during my days off.

Why are you interested in joining Firetruck?::

Been looking for a raid team that will fit with my work schedule, and raid times fit perfectly because they are on my days off.

Any other comments, or information you'd like us to know?: :

I have been tanking since BC, back then it was on my warrior. I tanked on my warrior through Cata, and switched to my DK during MoP because i really liked the solo aspects DK's had(I soloed for my Shadowmourne/Invincibles reins) and currently solo farm for the few rare mounts i am missing.
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re: Blood DK


Be ready for tonight

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